In The Ocean

Plastic Pollution
In The Ocean

There is 15-51 trillion pieces of plastic in the world’s ocean. There is not one square mile of the ocean surface on earth that is free of plastic pollution

Plastic Pollution Facts:
Marine Environment

Around 267 species have ingested / entangled in plastic waste

60% of seabird species have eaten plastic

50% of sea turtles have eaten plastic

12000-24000 tons of plastic is ingested by North Pacific fish each year

Plastic Pollution Facts:
Human Environment

1 in 3 fish for human consumption contains plastic.

Ingurging plastic waste can cause reproductive, neurological, and immune disorders in both humans and wildlife.

$13 billion number of estimated losses per year associated with marine plastic debris due to the negative impact on marine ecosystems.

It’s estimated seafood lovers eat 11,000 pieces of toxic plastic every year.



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Our Vision

Our vision for the preservation of the oceans is global, long-term, and worldwide. It integrates economic, social, human, educational, and scientific perspectives in a dynamic and solidarity-based project. Through sponsorship, we educate and co-ordinate volunteers to remove rubbish from our marine environment and detangle marine animals of plastic waste.

Our Mission

Collect plastic macro-waste in the high density zones before they break up and scatter

Educate and prevent to raise awareness of future generations

Free marine animals entangled with plastic waste.

Protect the biodiversity and place the human at the heart of the ecological challenges of the future


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